Our Team

James Mark Plaxton B.Sc. Eng./ B.Comm. Minor
Founder, Executive Chairman & Chief Investment Officer

Mark Plaxton graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Materials & Metallurgical Engineering and with a minor in Business Commerce from Queens University in Ontario, Canada.  Mark is the Principal Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Officer for INTAC Global Investments.  Mark brings over 20 years of portfolio management experience, focusing on macroeconomics, asset allocation and asset manager research/selection in the investment decision-making process.  Mark Plaxton specializes in analyzing the key parameters that affect macro economic conditions in developing INTAC’s global asset allocation decisions.  Mark has extensive experience investing with the world’s best performing asset managers.  A seasoned global investor, he invests in stocks, bonds, derivatives, ADR’s, exchange traded funds, close-end funds, mutual funds, hedge funds, unit trusts, investment trusts, SITCAV’s, limited partnerships and private equity in jurisdictions such as the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Japan, Emerging Europe, Asia, Latin America and numerous international business and investment centers (e.g. Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein, Bermuda, Cayman, Curacao, and the British Virgin Islands) among others.  Over the past 15 years the out-performance of the Global Portfolios reflects his ability to successfully navigate through some very choppy investment conditions such as The Mexican Tequila Crisis (1994), The Asian Contagion (1997), The Russian Default/Devaluation (1998), The Tech Wreck (2000-2002), and more recently an overbought real-estate market (2006/2007).

Mark and his INTAC Trade Advisors work with a multitude of independent investment research and consulting firms in an effort to continually provide significant absolute investment returns.  Using Modern Portfolio Theory through the optimization of mean return, standard deviation and correlation coefficients and most importantly combining this with INTAC’s future global asset allocation decisions and our clients individual financial objectives, Mark and the INTAC team take pride in their ability to consistently provide outstanding investment returns to our valued clients.  Mark spends the majority of his efforts analyzing research from a myriad of third party strategic partners to determine the optimal asset allocation for the Global Portfolios.


Mark Robinson
Interim Chief Executive Officer & Chief Compliance Officer

Mark Andrew Robinson has a Bachelors of Arts degree in English Literature from the University of Toronto, and is a CFA charter holder.  Mark has worked in the investment industry his entire career (8 years with Mackenzie Financial Corp. (Toronto, Canada) and currently with INTAC (BVI) International Investments Limited since 2004 in the role of Interim Chief Executive Officer & Chief Compliance Officer.  Mark has extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of: marketing, investment management, human resources, product management, compliance, investment advice, and financial controls.  Mark is approved by the BVI Financial Services Commission under the Approved Persons Regime and as a Tier 1  Compliance Officer.  Throughout his career at INTAC Mark been responsible for overseeing both the back office and front office operations, recruit, hire and train staff.  Mark has also been active in speaking directly with investors, brokers, fund managers, consultants, and regulatory agencies.  Mark has been responsible for drafting all of the client communications, including investment updates, monthly performance fact sheets, and client proposals.  Currently Mark’s core responsibility is to maintain the firm’s compliance procedures/manual including producing, reviewing and signing off on all Trade Authorizations, Trade Allocations, Account Opening Documents, et cetera and the firm’s compliance within its regulatory requirements and industry best practices.  Throughout his career at Mackenzie, Mark was responsible for communicating with key centers of influence in marketing Mackenzie mutual funds.  This involved speaking directly to investors, brokers, mutual fund analysts, presenting at the weekly internal marketing meetings, sales conferences, broker meetings, award ceremonies, and writing fund commentary and analysis, producing power point presentations, and other promotional material, in addition to liaising with fund managers, senior management, and journalists alike.