Letter from our Chairman

Dear Global Investor,

The world is shrinking, bringing new opportunities tantalizingly close.  Already we buy more foreign goods, travel further, and influence (and are influenced by) more foreign cultures than previous generations could ever have thought possible.  And where these broad trends lead, investors will follow.

Technology, communication and the free flow of capital have dramatically improved worldwide.  As a result, the global investment cycle has shortened and sharpened, increasing volatility and reducing investors’ time to assess and react to the changing pattern of economic events.  However, the world’s top-performing global asset managers have capitalized on this changing pattern of economic events, consistently providing world-beating performances.

Soon, it will seem as commonplace for private investors to compare the performances of world beating asset managers in London, Frankfurt, Tokyo and Beijing as we compare today their brethren on Wall Street.  INTAC Global Investments can help you make that comparison right now, and then help you invest accordingly, simply, cost-effectively and securely.  Today, somewhere in the world, an asset manager is beating the market.

Tomorrow, they could be doing it for you.


James Mark Plaxton

James Mark Plaxton
Founder, Executive Chairman & Chief Investment Officer
INTAC Global Investments


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