INTAC Overview

Life is often shaped by certain notable events. Some are full of happiness and others are to be endured. Whatever life brings, smart planning can help you enjoy good times and get you through the tough ones. Through each stage of life, INTAC can help.

Using proprietary software and state-of-the-art algorithms, we’re able to analyze and determine the world’s best performing funds and combine them into optimal portfolio configurations.



Only a small proportion of the world’s mutual funds are available to investors in a particular country. For instance, few of the mutual funds available through INTAC are registered for sale within the USA. However, thanks to INTAC’s privileged international status, all of these funds (i.e. over 300,000 funds including open and closed-end mutual funds, unit and investment trusts, institutional funds, private hedge funds and dedicated offshore funds) are available to INTAC Global Investment’s clients.

Furthermore, the majority of the world’s best performing funds are registered for sale as dedicated offshore funds, private hedge funds, or institutional funds. INTAC Global Investments can give you access to all of these top-performing funds, which have consistently provided superior investment growth over time.

Our History

INTAC (BVI) International Investments Limited (commonly referred to as “INTAC Global Investments” or “INTAC”) was founded and incorporated in the British Virgin Islands in 1995. The premise was to offer independent and unbiased financial advice, while providing a truly global complement of top-performing investment options and further adding significant value through active global asset allocation. This original mandate is still at the very core of INTAC today. Since 1995, INTAC has successfully navigated some very choppy investment conditions such as The Mexican Tequila Crisis (1994), The Asian Contagion (1997), The Russian Default/Devaluation (1998), The Tech Wreck (2000-2002), and more recently the Housing Bubble Bust and Credit Crisis (2008). We are pleased to share our success story, and our clients continue to realize growth through the consistently strong performance and superior investment approach.

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