INTAC Global Investments offers independent and unbiased financial advice, and acts as a gateway to over 300,000 managed funds worldwide, the broad spectrum of offshore investment funds, as well as any stock, bond, or derivative product in any market in the world.  INTAC accounts can be self managed through our Global Investment Accounts, or professionally managed by our INTAC Trade Advisors through a Global Portfolios Account.  Either of the management styles can be administered directly through a Business Company (BC).  INTAC clients include substantial private investors, financial advisers and institutional investors.

INTAC Global Investments takes a team approach to investing based on management of specialization.  The INTAC Trade Advisors are supported by the research analysts at firms such as BCA, top tier consultants at companies such as S&P Micropal, renowned rating agencies such as Morningstar, and the investment expertise of the best asset managers from around the world. Through this network of thousands of investment professionals we have analyst coverage and investment expertise in virtually every region, continent, country, market, sector, and industry around the globe.

INTAC Trade Advisors focus their efforts on developing a long-term market outlook and strategy by utilizing the independent and unbiased research of these third party, strategic partnerships.  Through this long term market outlook and strategy, INTAC Trade Advisors are able to implement prudent asset allocations across our Global Portfolios (asset classes).

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