INTAC Advantages

INTAC provides compelling advantages over most other investment offerings.  The six key benefits of investing with INTAC are outlined in the following series of PDF documents.  Please click on images to review each advantage in detail:

GrowthSuperior Growth:  Our clients invest in the world’s top performing funds and have outperformed major indices such as the Standard & Poors 500 and MSCI World Index since 1995.  Higher returns are achieved at a lower level of investment risk, greater diversification and liquidity.



SecurityUnrivaled Security:

We invest with only well-known, respected and trusted investment funds through our global custodian bank and prime broker.  Performance verification services are provided by Deloitte and our professional indemnity insurance is provided by Lloyds.



Unlimited Flexibility:  Our clients enjoy access to a worldwide selection of funds and any stock, bond, currency or direct investment offered on all international stock exchanges. Establish an account in your own name, joint with rights of survivorship with a spouse, in the name of a business company, partnership, trust or foundation.




Accessibility: We provide a range of capital contribution and redemption options, as well as comprehensive account statement reporting.




Cost Efficiency: INTAC emphasizes the independent and unbiased nature of our discretionary investment management service.  We do not receive commissions, front-end or back-end load fees, ongoing trail fees or any other incentives.  Instead, we negotiate the lowest wholesale flat fee with each fund and avoid any conflict of interest with respect to our mandate of delivering the best absolute returns to clients.



Confidentiality:  INTAC Global Investments is regulated under the laws of the British Virgin Islands.  As a dependent territory of the United Kingdom, the British Virgin Islands is recognized as one of the safest and most stable international investment centers.   Client confidentiality is the cornerstone of the BVI financial industry.


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